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Buddhist Temple in Dubai | Inside Visuals | Location Map |We Dubai

Buddhist Temple  in Dubai | Inside Visuals | Location Map |We Dubai

Buddhist Temples   in Dubai

In Dubai's busy neighborhood in Jumeirah, there is a villa. It is painted white and sits with a row of dwellings that were near-identical. But turn the handle of its metal door, step within the threshold and you enter into another world.
Close to 350,000 of them are from Sri Lanka and also the temple offers a respite for people. Theravada Buddhism is the breed practiced in the UAE and also this can be strongest in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.
Buddhist temple in Abu Dhabi, Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery is one among them it caters to the community that is powerful which is half-a-million. Even though a monk dressed in robes walks past bodhi trees offer shade, the odor of incense drifts through the atmosphere. The air is calm, also the sounds of a city that is hectic and also meditative look far away.
At this time, the community operated quietly out of regard to the host country before moving to Jumeirah a couple of short years ago. Buddhists have lived here for decades however, the initial formal temple started by community leaders in Satwa -- the result of attempts to construct awareness.
Its leaders haven't courted publicity but in tandem, their profile has increased in the past few decades with the UAE's commitment to tolerance.

 Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery

The temple in Dubai is open daily but crowds swell Fridays. From 6am, they begin to arrive. Dressed in white clothes to symbolize a simple life, they take their shoes. A metal bowl filled with water is carried by one girl. She holds it in both hands and circles the tree.
About a thousand people from across the nation come on Fridays to meditate, listen to the monk and also make offerings. Folks donate food for the monks while upkeep of the temple is provided through donations. "The bodhi tree is a symbol of where Buddha became the enlightened one," says Susika Vishwanath, a 43-year-old Sri Lankan volunteer. Sit down offerings of flower petals and flickering candles. "It provides shelter and shade so we are repaying." "We are away from our families. And this is the only area we can ease our pain," says Sam Edirisinge, a Sri Lankan that has been coming into the temple since it opened.
The teachings place emphasis on a lifetime without indulgence or greed. Buddhists believe in reincarnation and the choices one takes now influence what happens later. Buddhists must stick to five rules, or precepts, every day including refraining from harming living beings and lying. Eight precepts must be followed on Fridays. The monks recite a few of Buddha's teachings' 18,000 verses in Sinhalese, a language spoken in Sri Lanka provide a sermon after which individuals bring food. Two more sermons follow in the afternoon and evening. "Buddhism simply says, if you do that -- this will happen. There's no compulsion," says Mr. Pillai. 2 Buddhist monks are from the UAE. A spartan life lives, need to follow over 200 principles per day and may eat only from 6am to midday. Buddhism is not an organized religion but a doctrine that summarizes the results of any decision. 

Inside Buddist Temple in Dubai

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