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Special Welcome Gift from Google AdWords for UAE Ad Campaigns

Special Welcome Gift from Google AdWords for UAE Ad Campaigns

Google Ads or Google AdWords is an advertising platform of Google where advertisers can display their ads in Google and its Partner Networks.

There are different types of ad campaigns some of them are

·                     Search Ads
·                     Display Ads
·                      Video Ads
·                     Mobile Ads
·                     Shopping Ads

Search Ads: Ads which are placed on the web page where the user searches on the search engine. These are usually text ads.
 Display Ads: Ads which are placed on the different partner networks of Google Ads are in images format. These ads are usually used for remarketing campaigns .
Video Ads: Video format ads which are placed on  YouTube and other Google Video networks are called as video ads. Video ads have high engagement when compared to other ads.
Mobile Ads: Ads which are placed on mobile apps which are partnered with Google Advertisement networks. Mobile ad campaigns help in targeting mobile users.
Shopping Ads: Ads which are placed in different shopping partnered network of Google they are called as Google Shopping Ads.
Google allocates the position for ads based on the bidding and quality score for the ads.
What is PPC?

Google charges the advertiser per each click it receives from the user it is called PPC ( Pay Per Click).

What is Quality Score?
 Google gives a score for the ad quality on the scale of 1- 10 and it is called Quality Score.

Google  gives position for each ad based upon the quality score of the ad and PPC bidding

We hope you got some idea about running Google ad campaigns. Now you can get a free coupon for google ads UAE. You can claim your free coupon by clicking on below link

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