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Princess Jasmine and The Emir ballet

Princess Jasmine and The Emir ballet

Princess Jasmine and The Emir ballet performance for kids
On  April 27 at the Manarat Al Saadiyat.

The Quest from the Emir to locate his lovely masked beauty in a kids ballet performance bit where Jasmine who is not of royal blood and has been pursuing her quest to become a ballerina at the Royal Academy for Princesses goes masked to the Royal Ball and shares a dance with all the Emir on her pointe shoes, He immediately falls in love with her. At Morning, She leaves the ball without the Emir and the way she looked like? Will the Emir locate his concealed beauty? A story of a ballerina who became a princess told through dance art will appeal to both adults and children. It will be a great opportunity to plunge into the world of ballet and also find out more. The performance is generated by the Ginger Dance and Arts faculty, directed and choreographed by Isaksen, executive producer of this show -- Tamara Mehyar.

Venue: Manarat Al Saadiyat

Entrance: 06:00 PM

Organized by: Ginger Dance and Arts

 Ticket price: AED 75

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