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Mouth Watering Dishes Of Dessert Land For Non Vegetarians

Planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what is on the serving dish for you? With a combo of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will only leave you craving to get more. Whether that a foodie or not, you simply can't dismiss the delicious tastes that Dubai food has in store for you. This interesting delicacies in Dubai's excite odor will provide you a foodgasm for certain. Have a peek at the gastronomical delights that will make your stomach growl with desire.

Dubai Cusine: For Non-Vegetarians
All meat fans, rejoice! We've shortlisted 5 dishes all non-vegetarians will fall in love with. The odor of the food and the flavor will keep you coming back. Should you plan your trip according to your meal plan just like us, you may fall in love on this particular list:

1. Manousheh
Manousheh, the local pizza, is an apt choice for the piquant taste buds, especially if you're searching for Dubai specialties. It turns out to be a perfect choice for breakfast. Stretched flatbread or dough, full of exotic toppings like earthy zaatar herbs, salty Akkawi cheese, and olive oil. It's touted as the go-to dish to get the best street food in Dubai. Ensure that you hog with lamb and jam on those. It is popular with both locals and tourists.

2. Iranian Sangak
Hello, bread fans! Iranian Sangak is a joy that easily paves its way to the list of the cuisine that in Dubai that is best. This Iranian leavened flatbread made from whole wheat is served plain or rectangular in shape. It is the food of Dubai that you must try! The bread may be made gluten-free from scratch. It is the go-to food item for foodies and health freaks.
Iranian Sangak

3. Chelo Kebab
A pleasure for Kebab fans
best food in Dubai, head to Chelo Kebab. Aromatic saffron-scented basmati rice served with a pat of butter on kebabs.
Chelo Kebab

4. Al Harees
Al Harees is the party of the perfectly blended wheat, meat, and butter.
Mostly savored during Ramadan, Eid and weddings, Al Harees is one of the most traditional foods in Dubai.
Al Harees

5. Al Machboos
Al Machboos is an irresistible mixture of spices, meat, and rice.
Rice, onions, and meat, seasoned with spices, salt, and dried lemon, does this excite you.
Make sure to try their salad and raita.
Al Machboos

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