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Added another feather to the cap of the city of superlatives, Dubai. Zabeel Park is home to the largest frame in the world, Dubai Frame. It is the structure that provides a 360-degree view of the old, humble Dubai as well as the modern, plush city of Dubai.

This architectural marvel consists of two 150 meter tall towers connected by a 93 meter long bridge at its top. For families and photographers, it is one of the must-see attractions in Dubai.

Visitors can enjoy the city from either side of the Frame by walking on the 93-metre glass walkway. This structure resembles a huge frame adorned with gold motifs in honeycomb patterns, which is designed by the renowned architect Fernando Donis. The honeycomb patterns on the exterior of this structure are based on the logo of the Dubai Expo 2020.

Dubai Frame images

 Dubai Frame has a museum that illustrates the past and present of Dubai. In an upscale and developing city of peerless and beyond, a city that was once a port for fishing and trading has now re-invested itself in the booming oil and mineral resources of the country.

Visitors will find a variety of fine dining restaurants, top-rated hotels and café's, as well as a spectacular view of Dubai's skyline on either side. Dubai Frame cost close to AED 160 million and was constructed utilizing 2000 tons of steel, 2900 meters of laminated glass, and boasts a gold cladding of approximately 15000 square metres.

In a strategic location in Zabeel Park, one of the oldest parks in Dubai, this hotel offers an excellent view of both the old and new cityscapes of the city. Additionally, it has a beautiful view of Dubai creek as well as an aerial view of the Abras on the water and is located close to Dubai creek.

Important Info - Dubai Frame Floors

Entrance to the gallery and museum at the mezzanine level is where you will begin your fascinating journey in the Dubai frame. Experiencing Dubai's evolution from a pearl diving and nomadic fishing village to what it is today is possible through these immersive exhibits. 

From the mezzanine level, one can access the Sky Deck level, which features augmented-reality screens for viewing spectacular views of Dubai. Designed with striking architecture, the sky deck is equipped with a crack-proof walk-over and a glass panel that turns into clear glass once stepped upon.

You can explore the Vortex tunnel on the Skydeck level in order to gain a deeper understanding of Dubai's victorious past.

After enjoying an immersive experience at the Vortex Tunnel, you can check out the upper floors of Dubai Frame where you can see a glass floor with a blue frame. Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the down park and other attractions in Dubai from here. 

The Frame features beautiful galleries featuring projections and audiovisual displays that range from the modern era right up to the city's origin. In addition to the Frame, there is a souvenir shop providing souvenirs such as mugs, keychains, and keepsake frames.  

Inside Dubai Frame - Gallery Experiences

Inside Dubai Frame

1. The Old Dubai Gallery provides a description of the mammoth project of Dubai frame. Eventually, one arrives at the old gallery, which features artefacts and images from a time long past. A variety of articles were used in everyday life in those days, such as sewing machines, pewter, prayer beads and other items.

The audiovisual and sensory show describes the evolution of the city from a fishing village into a global city complete with the most advanced buildings and facilities. Visitors can experience Old Dubai first-hand through 3D screens.

2. Retrospective Dubai Gallery: Visitors will eventually encounter the glass-topped expressway that leads to the upper bridge of the Baroque building. Dubai has achieved a number of significant achievements and recent developments in recent years, which are reflected in this gallery.

From here, you can view the contrast between Old and New Dubai from a 360 degree perspective. This development features Sky Scrapers, the world's tallest building, luxury residences that attract celebrities from around the globe, among other wonderful achievements. There is a transparent glass floor in the middle of the upper bridge that allows one to see the ground below.

3. In the Future Dubai Gallery, you will be able to see what Dubai will look like 50 years from now through the use of virtual reality. I found this to be an impressive and futuristic art gallery with a caption which explains everything in a very eloquent manner. It is the dreams of those who have the courage to pursue their dreams that determine their fate in the future."

How to reach - Dubai Frame & Near by attractions

Dubai Frame can be reached in several ways from the airport. Besides the Line Bus 33, which helps you reach the Dubai Frame in half an hour, city taxis are also easily accessible, allowing you to reach the Dubai Frame in ten minutes.Al Jafliya & ADCB Metro Station is Nearest Metro Location, Strategically Located near Al Karama, Inside Zabeel Park Nearby attractions are Dubai World trade center, Dubai Mall , Burj Khalifa , Dubai Creek , DIFC is Nearest attractions.

Location :
Dubai's Zabeel Park,

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